User's Guide

  • Do I need to pay for joining the membership?
  • No. Joining the membership is free.
  • What differences are between "Free-for-video-only mode" and "Paying-for-video-chatting mode"?
  • "Free-for-video-only mode" means you could see your model's video for free if there were no one starting their paid chat. However, You couldn't chat with your model if you didn't start the payment.
    "Paying-for-video-chatting mode" means the payment will be automatically started once the users enter the chatroom. After enter the chatroom, the users can start to chat with the model and see the model's video at the same time.
  • How do I register as a member?
  • Click on "Sign-up" and accept the agreement for using the service.
    Fill out the required personal details include account, password, contact phone numbers and email address.
    After completing the required personal details entry, click on "Send" and then the registration completes.
  • Do I have to provide my real personal details?
  • Please at least provide a phone number that we can actually contact you for the confirmation procedure for purchasing the points.
    Please correctly provide your Email address. This is because we would send your password to the email address that you provide if you forgot your password.
  • After the registration, can I chat with the model immediately?
  • You have to purchase points before chatting with the model.
    Please sign in first, and click on "Top-up Points" to purchase points.
  • Why I have to sign out?
  • If you wanted to leave your computer (especially you share the computer with other people) for a while, but you didn't want anyone else to see your personal details, you could log out by clicking on "sign out" to sign out of your membership.
    You wouldn't expose your personal details to the people who use your computer if you signed out.
  • How can I do if I forgot my username or password?
  • Choose "Forget your password", enter the account and email address that you use for the registration, the system will send your address and new password to the email address.
  • How can I change my password, contact number or email address?
  • Please sign in first, and click "Member Center" and then click "Change the personal detail" or "Change password" to change your password, contact details or email address.
  • How can I buy the points?
  • Please sign in to your member account and then click on "Top-up Points". Choose the amount of points you want to buy and enter the required credit card (Visa or master card) details, the recharge procedure is completed immediately after you submit your purchase.
    If you hadn't joined the membership, please click on "Registration" and the following the instruction to fill out the required information and you can be the member immediately.
  • I have already bought points, why are the points not added into my account?
  • If you were sure you have completed online purchase procedure, please contact us immediately. After confirming your purchase with no problem, we will add points for you.
    There might be the possible reasons that your recharge is not successful.
    • Online transaction is failed.
    • The network connection is failed when the system send the recharge confirmation message to you.
    • The connection with online transaction company has problem.
  • Would it be safe if I used the site service to top up my points online?
  • We use 128bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which is a high encryption can give you highest level of protection for all your Internet communications, including credit card use and financial transactions. We provide you the safest online recharge environment and protection.
    After using the credit card to buy the points, the payment will be the points. Those points will be immediately transferred into your account and you can use these points immediately. However, you cannot reverse the transaction after you have used the points.
  • How could I do if I couldn't pay online successfully by my credit card?
    • Your VSIA credit card need to pass the VISA internet verification before you use for online transaction, please contact your bank for more details.
    • Please check your category of your card, your card number and the expiry date which enters for purchase is correct.
    • Please make sure you have enough quotas in your credit card.
    • Try another credit card.
    If your problem couldn't be solved, please contact your bank.
  • Could I cancel my transaction if I had done too much online transaction for purchase points?
  • Yes, you could. Please click on "Enquiry" to tell us, we will sort out for you.
  • Can I check the previous points purchase records?
  • Please sign in to your account, and go to "Member Center" and then go to "Points purchase records".
  • How can I chat with the model?
  • If you have enough quotas, just click on any picture of the model and you can chat with the model you want.
  • What type of chat will happen in a chatroom?
    • One-to-many video chat: it will spend you at least 5 points per minute. It's a one way video chat which means you can see your model's video and chat with the model by typing. We recommend you to install speakers or headphones in order to easily chat with your model.
    • One-on-one video chat: it will spend you at least 20 to 30 points per minute. It's a two ways video chat which means you and your model can see each other and chat by typing or talking. A model can only chat with ONE member under the one-on-one video chatting mode, i.e. you can chat with your model without any disturbing. We recommend you install speakers (or headphones), camera and microphone in order to chat with your model.
    The system will start charging after you enter the chatting room and sreceive the video. The system won't charge you anything if you cannot receive the video.
    When the members are in "one-on-one video chatting mode" the system will detect the signal receiving status from the model's side. If you did not receive any video signals from your model, you were not going to lose any point in 0.1 minutes and you would leave the chatroom automatically when waiting time for receiving the video from your model is too long.
  • What kind of hardware and software are required for video?
  • System requirements:
    • 1 GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor.
    • 1 GB RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
    • ADSL requires 1M/64K or more.
    • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows 7 or higher version, Mac OSX 10.5 or later version.
    • Browser: Microsoft Edge 83 or later version, Chrome 80 or later version.
    • At least 1024 x 768 screen resolution.
    Recommended Peripheral products (not necessary):
    • Microphone: for sending your voice.
    • Speakers or headphones: for receiving model's voice.
    • Webcam: for sending your video image.
  • Can I check the previous gift send records?
  • Please sign in first, and click "Member Center" and then go to "Present giving records".
  • What is the rule of the video chatroom?
  • The purpose of the service is to provide a video chatting platform for the members and the models. The models and any user, includes the members or the visitors, please comply with the following rules:
    • The models and the users, include the members and the visitors, are not allowed to use any words containing meaning of calumniation, insult, minacity, aggressiveness, offensive, obscenity, deception, and against public order or extreme and outrageous conduct that exceeds the bounds decency accepted by society.
    • The models and the users, include the members and the visitors, are not allowed to use any words and sound-like words containing sexual meaning or any word and any way which may offend other people.
    • The models and the users, include the member and the visitors, are not allowed to use this service for doing any enjo kosai (prostitution), one night stand or any type of sexual trading transaction. The serious infringers will be prosecuted.
    • The models and the users, include the members and the visitors, are not allowed to publish personal or other people's full name, address, contact numbers (e.g., phone numbers or cell phone numbers), or any type of electrical contacts (e.g., email accounts, messenger accounts, or any electrical connection).
    • The models and the users, include the members and the visitors, are not allowed to discuss any illegal subjects or activities in the video chatroom.
    • The models and the users, includes the members and the visitors, are not allowed to use any programmes to intrude into any people's privacy or have any improper behaviours which may cause the damage in chatting rules.
    • The models and the users are not allowed to have any private trading. The responsibility of the service for this chatting platform is only for maintaining the whole system running well, including video, audio and the whole system operation. However, the service of this chatting platform is not responsible for any chatting contents, interaction, agreement or any events which is not related with provided services. In order to prevent any disputes or illegal conducts, this service prohibits all kinds of personal trading and is not responsible for any damage and loses.
  • Can I ask the model for doing any performance except for chatting?
  • All models join to this service by their freedom. This service only provides a video chatting and social platform without employing or binding contracts with the models. Therefore, this service has no rights to have any demands from the models and the models have no duty to do any requests except for chatting. The models absolutely have rights to reject requests from net users.
  • If the models disputed with me, even the cheating behaviour, how could I do?
  • All models join this service by their freedom. The models only provide account, passwords, and E-mail while they join to the service. We only provide a video chatting and social platform without employing or binding contracts with the models. Because the all the personal confidential information are under the protection of the privacy legislation, our service has no rights to give the models' personal information to any one except related government or legal organization ask for reference under a special circumstance.
  • If the model had bad attitude, how could I do?
  • Good chatting experiences are established on a good interaction with each other. If you didn't like your model's attitude, it would be a good idea to change a new model. This site has lots of lovely and sweet models, wish you could find one you like.
  • If I asked the model for showing her face but he/she kept ignoring, how could I do?
  • All models join to this site by freedom. This service only provides net users a video chatting and social platform without employing or binding contracts with the models. Therefore we have no rights to ask the models for doing any requests and the models have no duty to do any requests other than chatting. The models have right to reject any requests from any net users. If your model kept ignoring you, it would a good idea to change a new model. This site has lots of lovely and sweet models, wish you could find one you like.
  • When I enter the video chatting room and try to have a video chat with the model, however the model doesn't show her appearance in front of the camera. How can I do?
  • We strictly demand the models must show her appearance in front of the camera. If you couldn't see the model showing her appearance in front of the camera after you enter to the chatting room, please log out of the chatting room immediately. If you connected to the service by phone call, please cut off the connection immediately.
  • Just remind you again-the chatting contents between you and the models will be kept in the chatting platform for any dispute affairs.
  • If I couldn't see the video image of the model, or the video lags and video didn't match the audio, how could I do?
  • The quality of the video also depends on your net speed. Normally it will have 3 seconds to 1 minute lag. If you find out the video image doesn't show up in 1 minute, please log out of the chatting room or disconnect your phone call immediately, and check by following ways:
    If you couldn't have the voice and video image of the model:
    • Please check the status of the model, make sure he/she is online.
    • Please make sure you successfully connect the line with the model.
    • Renew your browser's version.
    • Check whether your net connection is normal. If your net connection is normal, please log in to the chatting again.
    • Check whether you have any points remaining. You can reconnect the line with your model by purchasing more points or connection by telephone.
    • If your computer has firewall, please inactivate your firwall.
    The model's talking can be heard but the model's video image doesn't show up.
    Image transmission keeps lagging, and the video image doesn't really match the sound.
    • Renew your browser's version.
    • Bandwidth isn't enough or network is unstable. Our outgoing transmission is constantly 300k per second. Because your bandwidth might be not enough or stable, it results in the video signals, which are bigger size, cannot transmit to your computer even though the audio signals, which are smaller size, can come through. The outcome will be the fact that your video lags.
      • We recommend you to use broadband or respond to your ISP provider to enhance your bandwidth or stability.
      • Close any software that could occupy your bandwidth, such as any software have video function, messengers, or download software.
      • Stop any unnecessary downloading.
      • The network might be jam for some time periods, we suggest you avoid any peak time.
    • The memory of your graphic card is too less to compute 30 frames per seconds
    • The resource of your system is not enough, close any unnecessary software.
  • This platform use live video technology which is the newest technology which can provide an easy way and better quality for video performance. The quality of audio and video depends on you and your model's computer conditions, connection condition, and video and/or audio equipments. If you had problems with your video or audio connection, please check by the ways we have mentioned on above lines.
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